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We are collecting professional acts of social responsibility, as an inspiration for those looking for ideas, and as a celebration of the role designers are taking in helping repair the world.

Recognizing both the powerful role they play in the new world economy and the opportunity to make a positive social impact with their professional skills, designers everywhere are looking for ways to contribute.

Graphic design is young: 95% of the graphic designers who have ever lived are alive today. Together we can still define our profession: will it be about inventing visual lies to create larger market share, or will it be about taking responsibility for helping build a better world?

It's up to you.

Inspired by the Design Cares Web site, the GDC Vancouver Island Chapter created the Design Cares Exhibit and Forum, and has now published a travelling poster exhibit from the juried show. The Design Cares travelling exhibit is a celebration of the role designers are taking in helping to improve the world and shows the breadth and depth of how they use their creative skill to improve the human condition, save the environment or assist with a myriad charitable causes.

If you are interested in hosting the Design Cares travelling exhibit, download this Design Cares exhibit brochure.
Acrobat Reader logo Design Cares Exhibit Brochure (187 KB)

Most Recent Additions

Water Situation in DelhiWater Situation in Delhi
Aman Khanna


The Pathways FoundationThe Pathways Foundation
Mark Elder
Sydney, Australia

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