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Through the DesignCares Web site, we collect professional acts of social responsibility, as an inspiration for those looking for ideas, and as a celebration of the role designers are taking in helping repair the world. The site encourages designers: "Don't just do good design: do some good."

DesignCares was invented by members of the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada (GDC), a non-profit organization of design practitioners and educators. The GDC is concerned with standards of professional conduct, practice and integrity; education and professional development; and information about the profession. The organization was founded to promote and develop a defined, recognized and competent body of graphic designers and to encourage high standards of graphic design for the benefit of Canadian industry, commerce and community. The national goals of the Society include a commitment to improving the human environment by improving the quality of life and fostering public awareness of design expertise. Members share a code of ethics stating that we must take a responsible role in the visual portrayal of people, the consumption of natural resources, and the protection of animals and the environment. For more information about the GDC, visit their Web site (opens in a separate window).

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