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TimeWise is the award-winning professional time, billing and production management accounting software for businesses and organizations that put a value on their time.

PC Magazine logo"TimeWise manages everything: contacts, money, and projects... combines all the tools needed to manage daily operations."
-PC Magazine Full Review


PC Week Logo"TimeWise handles all facets of project scheduling." -PC Week Full Review

CompuServe logo"Manage everything for your business." -CompuServe Magazine

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 TimeWise 7 now available...Vista compatible...in 19 countries!
Photo: Earth from space TimeWise includes profiles for the United States, Australia, Canada, France, Ireland, Israel, New Zealand, Panama, South Africa, the United Kingdom and more.... now includes profiles for Belgium, Botswana, Colombia, Guam, Hong Kong, Namibia, Netherlands, Norway and Portugal.

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TimeWise also now includes setup templates for Web development companies. 

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The complete TimeWise system features estimating, order entry, job costing, time tracking, expense tracking, client tracking, sales prospecting, vendor tracking, employee tracking, purchase orders, materials, shipping, billing, cost accounting, extensive reporting and powerful analysis. It includes setup templates for graphics, advertising, printing and programming. TimeWise runs under Windows 3.1, 95, 98, NT, 2000, ME, XP, Vista, and Mac OS (9.0 or earlier) in standalone or multiuser configurations. Details on TimeWise

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We also offer TimeWise Light shareware with an intermediate feature set for organizations of up to 8 people. Details on TimeWise Light

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TimeWise In Brief

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Prospect Easier...Estimate Faster...Track More...Waste Less...Cut costs...Bill higher...Profit more...Breathe easier.

If you value your time, TimeWise provides you with fast, in-depth time, billing, and cost control. Everything you need is in one system...as your needs grow, TimeWise grows with you:

Use TimeWise to help your organization gain extensive integrated control of your two most valuable assets: your clients and the work you do for them. Tracking activity as it happens across ten departments, you'll have every detail at your fingertips, without losing sight of the big picture.

TimeWise helps you estimate, open, track, cost and bill each project, analyzing results from client to client, month to month, department to department, and employee to employee. You can also keep track of overhead costs.

Automated estimating, ticketing, labeling, ordering, billing, and reporting save time and reduce errors. Record events electronically as they occur, or post them daily or weekly.

Use electronic records to create reports that support key decisions, including many reports simply not possible in a manual system.

TimeWise is quick to set up and easy to learn... you can be productive within an hour.

Self-diagnostic, backup and archiving facilities keep TimeWise running your operation dependably.

If you find you and your staff bogged down manually managing the countless details of your work, let TimeWise help you use your time more wisely.

 Manage every detail of prospective and active client information, including courier zones, multiple addresses, two sales taxes and credit information...even birthdays
 Unlimited fully-editable notepad for each client lets you build a contact history and share client information
 No limit on number of clients
 Track e-mail, fax, cellular and telephone numbers for up to ten key contacts in each profile
 Each sales rep can track their own clients, prospects, and sales notes
 Keep in touch easily with mailing labels and envelopes selectable by prospect vs. active, group, sales rep or language
 Print telephone and fax directories
 Analyze billing and profitability history of any client or client group
 Keep tax information current with automated two-level tax handling and blanket exemption expiry date reminders

 Build estimates and schedules quickly based on your own rates and past jobs
Clone past jobs or estimates to quickly create accurate new ones using your current rates
 Design up to ten proposal styles to suit different client needs, then choose from four levels of detail for each proposal
 Use our powerful built-in word processor to edit and print proposals…or export to WordPerfect, Word, or other word processors for further formatting or faxing

 Order entry with automatic or manual job numbering starts jobs on the right track
 Job tickets include your choice of information, including a work plan for staff to follow based on your estimate
 Orders are based on the estimate and client information, so the job ticket is practically ready before you start
 Display and print multiple work orders and work plans to attach to job components so jobs can be processed in parallel, reducing turnaround time
 Two notepads attached to each job centrally hold all job instructions and notes
 Use retainers and running tabs to reduce paperwork and speed billings

 Track up to 9,995,000 jobs and estimates
 Track by department, by rep, by client, by deadline, or by number
 Track deadlines with up to 15 milestones and 100 alteration rounds, with phase suggestions by job type
 Design a library of custom job lists
 Status reports show up-to-date cost and budget analysis of any job or estimate
 Track purchase order and client reference numbers
 Track which jobs are off-location
 Merge jobs in progress
 Use powerful sound-alike searches to quickly find the jobs you want

 Keep complete information on all full-time, part-time and freelance staff
 Choose between pop-up electronic stopwatch timekeeping or paper-time and payroll cards
 multiple stopwatches for each employee
 Track everyone's time by job, department, and task type
 Produce productivity reports by person or workgroup
 Rank and automatically prorate each employee's efficiency on up to 250 different task types, so you can charge based on each employee's ability
 Automatically charge up to three levels of customized rush pricing for each task
 100 time categories in each department
 Track daily and weekly overtime, overhead, repair, maintenance and downtime

 Manage supplier information, including contacts, taxes and credit information
 Print labels, telephone and fax directories
 Issue purchase orders, insertion orders, and check requests as you charge expenses to a job: TimeWise suggests who supplies what and for how much
 1200 expense categories per department
 intelligent category suggestions based on estimated expenses
 Design charge groups to post groups of related item and time events at once
 Each category includes cost and sell prices or markup percentage, two levels of rush service, and preferred vendor
 Build discount curves with eight levels of volume pricing in each category

 Print mailing and shipping labels for clients, vendors and jobs, including split shipments
 TimeWise learns delivery charges for each client and vendor for two carriers, recommending the least expensive method
 Charge two levels of rush service
 Automatically avoid duplicate waybill entry by tracking waybill numbers

 Design up to ten invoice formats to give your clients the information they need in the language they prefer
 Then choose from four detail levels for each invoice…accept the draft or edit it further in TimeWise or your preferred word processor
 Bill in hours, units, or a combination
 Minimum charges by department
 Automatically calculate city, state, provincial, and federal sales taxes
 Jobs can be unbilled or posted to a receivables journal.
 Issue credit notes
 Retain invoices in electronic form for further editing, easy access and storage
 Automatically transfer invoice detail to AccPac BPI, ESAS, NewViews or SBT accounting software

 Analyze up to 9,995,000 jobs
 Know where you're winning and losing: by client, department, job and task
 Speed estimating and investigating by retrieving analysis of past jobs in seconds
 Fine-tune staff performance by studying efficiency by employee, department, and task, including non-billable time ratios
 Speed payroll processing with the TimeWise payroll report. Distribute each employee's time across many departments
 Use invoice summary reports to study billings for each department, client and task, and make sales tax remittance a breeze
 Use work in progress reports and charts to see what's in progress, if it's on schedule and on budget, what it's worth and to predict cash flow
 Sales commission reports make commission calculations a snap
 Design your own library of custom reports inside TimeWise or export into any major database, spreadsheet, or report writing software

 Conversational interface helps both mouse and keyboard users learn TimeWise quickly with a minimum of instruction
 Extensive error checking and warnings reduce input errors
 Settings optimized for your country
 Automatic, eight-minute installation gets you up and running fast
 Self-diagnosis and correction of data corruption avoids downtime
 PKZIP-compatible information backup, archive and purge routines built-in...you don't need to buy anything else
 dBase/FoxPro-compatible documented file structures let you communicate with other programs
 Use TimeTool™ to run simple dBase/FoxPro commands
 Import data from TimeTo completed log to TimeWise multiuser server
 Custom modification possible if you need more features through our Shared Development Program
 Technical support plans, site licensing and training services available
 Thirty-day trial makes trying TimeWise risk-free
 Comprehensive manuals and hypertext help remove guesswork
 Includes workbook and troubleshooting guide

 100% network-ready multiuser editions available for NetWare, LANtastic, AppleShare, Windows servers or any PC-based network
 Full simultaneous cross-platform data and interface compatibility between TimeWise™ and TimeSave; under Windows and Mac (OS 9.x or earlier) allows each user to choose their preferred tools while sharing information with the group
 Noticeboard keeps co-workers aware of unique and regularly scheduled events
 Six distinct user security levels, each with personal password protection, guarantee security



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